Educate. Engage. Persuade.


Visual Solutions to Complex Problems

You’re Talking. Is Anyone Listening?

Visual Solutions to Complex Problems

How do you get Juror #3 to put down their Sudoku puzzle and pay attention?

We communicate visually – that’s how we connect.
Your client should have an aggressive, robust, and effective visual strategy to tell their story.

That’s what we are here for. It’s what we do.

Visual Solutions to Complex Problems.

At ADM, we strive to create a compelling, engaging and
effective visual strategy for our clients.
We collaborate with you to create custom legal exhibits with your winning strategy in mind.
Advocacy Digital Media was developed because we have a genuine passion for telling stories.
We work for high stakes and understand that attorneys on trial have clients that need our help telling their story. We owe it to our clients and our clients’ clients to strive for perfection with every project we undertake. Because it is more than just a case.
If we do our job right, the legacy and precedent created will last long after the verdict is entered.
That is how we are remembered.

Educate. Engage. Tell your story right.